Intro to Tropical Wildlife Biology (BIOL2010)


Australia has a unique terrestrial vertebrate fauna and native wildlife management presents special challenges for biologists, conservationists and land managers because of Australia's climate, landforms, and the rarity of many species. This unit of study considers fundamental questions in biology by addressing the biogeography, ecology and management of Australia's terrestrial fauna, with a focus on the wet-dry tropical savannah woodlands. Study in this unit includes a one-week field trip at Mary River Park in the Northern Territory and at Litchfield National Park. Professional biologists working on a range of environmental issues in wet-dry tropical woodlands from the Northern Territory will present guest lecturers to students and, in the field, students will track and identify wildlife and conduct faunal surveys. The fieldtrip is followed by a one-week intensive of lectures and prac sessions on Camperdown campus. This unit of study provides a suitable foundation for senior biology units of study.

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One week intensive field trip to the Northern Territory plus one week intensive lecture and prac session at Sydney University.


Practical exam (15%), Presentation (15%), Reports (30%), Theory exam (40%).

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12cp from (BIOL1XXX, MBLG1XXX)


BIOL2910, BIOL3910, BIOL3010

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This unit cannot be combined with more than one other BIOL field unit during the degree. Departmental permission is required for entry into this unit of study. Entry into the unit is based on placement availability and selection is competitive based on academic performance in the pre-requisite units of study. Academic performance in any intermediate BIOL units of study may also be considered. The unit is only available in ODD years (2017, 2019), but students may apply for entry into an alternative intermediate field unit in EVEN years.

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