Structure, Function and Disease A (BIOS1155)


This is an entry-level unit designed to give students an overview of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems relevant for professional practice. The basic concepts of pharmacology will also be introduced to enable students to understand the action of drugs on each of the body systems as they are covered in this unit and in BIOS1158, Structure, Function and Disease B. Material will be presented in lectures and practical sessions. Students are expected to complete self-directed learning packages prior to some practical sessions. This unit includes laboratory classes in which human cadavers are studied; attendance at such classes is strongly encouraged. Students who achieve a pass have a basic working knowledge of professionally relevant aspects of anatomy and physiology. Students who achieve higher grades are better able to integrate various aspects of the unit, and to apply their knowledge to solve problems or explain higher level phenomena.

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Four 1hr lectures, one 2hr practical/week


Online quizzes (5%), Mid- semester examination (30%), End-semester examinations (65%). Formative assessment provided.

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