Body Systems: Structure and Function (BIOS1170)


This unit will present the gross anatomy, functional histology, physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular, respiratory and renal systems. Specific diseases of these systems that are commonly encountered in health care practice will be described. The unit will also cover the characteristics of the body's fluids and the concept of acid-base balance within the body. This unit includes laboratory classes at which human cadaveric material is studied; attendance at such classes is strongly encouraged. Students who achieve a pass will have a basic working knowledge of professionally relevant aspects of anatomy and physiology. Students who achieve higher grades will be better able to integrate various aspects of the unit, and to apply their knowledge to solve problems or explain higher level phenomena.

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3hr lectures, 2hr practical/week


Mid semester exam (40%), end semester exam (60%)

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BIOS1127 or BIOS1133 or BIOS2098 or BIOS2099 or BMED2403 or PHSI2005 or PHSI2006

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