Biological Aspects of Ageing (BIOS1172)


This unit of study examines the physiological changes associated with the normal processes of ageing and the decrease in functional capacity which occurs as a result. It will include a physiological explanation of ageing in relation to the cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, nervous, musculoskeletal, renal and endocrine systems and the skin. An understanding of the normal processes of ageing will help health professionals to interpret the ageing experience from the point of view of the client, understand the functional limitations which result from ageing, and differentiate 'normal' from 'abnormal' ageing. This is an entry level unit designed to give students an overview of topics relevant for professional practice. Topics are not covered in the detail that is applicable to specialist clinical units of study. Students who achieve a pass have a basic working knowledge of professionally relevant aspects of ageing. Students who achieve higher grades are better able to integrate various aspects of the unit, and to apply their knowledge to solve problems or explain higher level phenomena.

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Distance education mode: independent learning package with email support. No on-campus attendance required


Mid-semester exam (25%), end-semester exam (75%)

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