Fundamental Neuroscience (BMRI5002)


This core unit of study will introduce the main concepts of neurobiology starting with neural cell structure and physiology, neurodevelopment and synaptic plasticity. The modularity of the brain and connective pathways will then be examined with a focus of the functional anatomy of sensory processing, the basal ganglia and the limbic system. Immunology and neuropathology will also be studied with insights into how genetics and interaction with glial cells underlie these processes. Examples will be given of how brain disorders emerge from disruption to these fundamental processes.

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1x 2-hr lecture/week


Quiz (30%), extended response (30%), short answer comprehension (40%)


Recommended Textbook: Kandel ER, Schwartz JH & Jessel TM (2013) Principles of Neural Science (5th ed.) McGraw Hill.

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Cell biology up to first year level

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