Linear Models (BSTA5007)


The aim of this unit is to enable students to apply methods based on linear models to biostatistical data analysis, with proper attention to underlying assumptions and a major emphasis on the practical interpretation and communication of results. This unit will cover: the method of least squares; regression models and related statistical inference; flexible nonparametric regression; analysis of covariance to adjust for confounding; multiple regression with matrix algebra; model construction and interpretation (use of dummy variables, parametrisation, interaction and transformations); model checking and diagnostics; regression to the mean; handling of baseline values; the analysis of variance; variance components and random effects.
NOTE: LMR is an important foundation unit. Students who do not develop a strong grasp of this material will struggle to become successful biostatisticians.

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8-12 hours total study time per week, distance learning


2x written assignments (30% each), 4 shorter assignments including brief online quizzes (40%)


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BSTA5023 and (BSTA5011 or PUBH5010)



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