The Business Environment (BUSS1002)


This unit of study is the second of two junior core units aimed at introducing students to the external and internal contexts in which business operates in the twenty-first century while developing effective problem solving, critical analysis and communication skills. In this unit, students will build an understanding of the economic, political and regulatory, socio-cultural, and technological factors that impact on the external context of the commercial landscape while developing an awareness of potential of risk and change. An awareness of corporate social responsibility and sustainability is also introduced as a key learning goal.

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1x 1.5hr lecture and 1x 1.5hr tutorial per week


media summary and analyses (40%), participation (10%), final exam (50%)

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ECOF1003 or BUSS1001


CISS2001 or ECOF1004

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This unit of study is a compulsory part of the Bachelor of Commerce, combined Bachelor of Commerce degrees and the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies).

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