Silversmithing: Vessel (CAEL2026)


In this unit students will develop and make a series of vessels using the tradition of silversmithing as their technical and conceptual starting point. The appropriate forming processes, including the doming, raising, and planishing of sheetmetal, will be introduced alongside an examination of the historical foundations of the area and insights into the contemporary context. In addition the design development undertaken will outline the potential for working at a larger scale in metal, the unique form language that grows from hammer forming and the key relationships between the flat blank and the finished object.

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Lecturer and directed contact over 12 weeks, plus self-directed study; total student effort of 60 hrs


1x assessment task in week 4, 5 or 6 (20%) and 1x15 min oral examination of presentation of studio projects (80%) in week 15


Untracht, Oppi, Jewellery Concepts and Technology, Doubleday, Great Britain, 1982.
Brepohl, Erhard, The Theory & Practice of Goldsmithing, Brynmorgen Press, Portland, 2001.
McCreight, Tim, The Complete Metalsmith, Brynmorgen Press. Portland, Maine, 2004.
Finegold, R. & Seitz W. Silversmithing, Krause Publications, 1983.

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MSTD2531 or MSTD2532 or MSTD3531 or MSTD3532

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