Rich Internet Applications (CAEL5028)


This unit of study provides students who have an intermediate level of knowledge in HTML5 and JavaScript/jQuery with a diverse exposure to web 2.0 concepts for website and web application development. You will learn Object Orientated Programming concepts, and how to transmit data between a server and web application using AJAX, JSON and XML in order to create an interactive Rich Internet Application (RIA). The unit will also introduce you to database management and manipulation using PHP and MySQL, and how to integrate these tools with HTML5 web applications/websites. You will be familiarised with the use of open source Frameworks and Application Programming Interfaces (API's) like YouTube, Flickr and Twitter with the aim of understanding how to use available open source resources and APIs rather than building your own from scratch. You will be demonstrated how to develop rich web 2.0 websites and in particular the glue required to combine different Web 2.0 languages, frameworks, APIs, resources and environments into one HTML5 project as extensible and component based application development. This unit covers the process from planning technologies and the project through to development and deployment. The outcome of this unit is the creation of an interactive HTML5 website/application that utilises dynamic data and content, which can include images, sound and video. You will be required to complete a web application/website that successfully integrates user interaction, dynamic data and server transmission within the framework of a creative project.

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1x1-hour lecture and 1 x 2-hour tutorial/week


1x15min oral examination of presentation of major studio project (70%) and completion of associated documentation (20%) and participation in class exercises (10%)

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