Sound Design for Film and Digital Media (CAEL5029)


This unit of study is intended to be a broad introduction to the theory and practice of audio production and sound design for moving pictures in both analogue and digital forms. Through viewing and discussing critical excerpts, the unit will offer a grounding in the history, theory and criticism of sound design and its applicability to current film and television production practice. The unit will look at the tools and techniques available to the sound designer, as well as examine the various underlying strategies, processes, and sound design philosophies. You will develop an understanding of critical film sound theory and an apprehension of key concepts including: synchronous and asynchronous sound, synchresis; on-screen, off-screen, and non-diegetic sound; the sound stage, point of view, causal semantic and reduced listening, internal and external logic, audiovisual rhythm and counterpoint. Applications of those principles will be explored in creative practice from sound capture and creation to construction using field/location and studio recording and post-production techniques. The sound designer's role in the process of creation of meaning will be examined in cultural as well as technical contexts of compositional practices. The unit will aim at developing a conceptual design language and individual aesthetic as well as encourage the invention of original sounds. At the completion of this unit you will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the audiovisual language and demonstrate technical and conceptual skills by producing a short sound for a film project.

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1x3-hour studio class/week


production planning (20%) and presentation of independent research (20%) and sound design project (60%)


Chion, Michel Audio Vision. Columbia U. Press 1994
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