Chinese for Business (CEMS6007)


This unit provides communicative language skills in standard modern (Mandarin) Chinese engaging students in the subject matter and asking them to relate the Chinese language to their own lives. Upon completion students should be able to communicate effectively in a Chinese business context using an introductory level of language skills together with broader cultural and professional business communication skills. They are taken to a level where further self-study is possible to reach a higher level of language competency. This unit enables students to engage more effectively in a Chinese business context and be more aware of the broader issues that are critical to effective business relationships in China. In addition, students gain a greater understanding of the requirements to effectively manage a more diverse workforce and communicate more effectively with Chinese stakeholders.

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10 weeks in 2 X 3 hours session per week


participation (10%), group presentation (10%), interview (10%), online self-test and quiz (10%), listening and written test 1 (15%), listening and written test 2 (20%), bi-weekly vocabulary quizzes (15%), bi-weekly homework (10%)

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Note: This unit is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Management (CEMS) or incoming CEMS MIM exchange students.

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