Research Project (CEMS6008)


This unit provides an opportunity for coursework students with a demonstrated ability to think critically and to work independently to investigate a particular topic/area in the Management field through a semester length independent research project conducted under the supervision of an academic staff member. Students are provided with a selection of topics that are within the domain of Business and Management, or they will be able to propose their own reflecting their personal/professional interests. On the basis of their selected topic, students prepare a proposal, undertake the study and document the findings in a professional report with the potential for successful reports to be published as an academic journal article. The unit provides opportunity for specialised research equipping graduates to enter the Management profession, whether in the public or the private sector with an edge over those who have not had the opportunity to obtain both a broad based exposure to the field as well as an in-depth learning experience in a specialisation of their choosing. The unit may also act as a conduit for students wishing to pursue further academic research.

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proposal and literature review (30%) and research paper (70%)

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Note: This unit is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Management (CEMS) or incoming CEMS MIM exchange students.

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