Industry Placement (CEMS6009)


This unit is available to outstanding students completing the Master of Management (CEMS) program. It involves a professional placement with a business, government, or non-government organisation to provide students with a hands-on business learning experience. Students partner with an organisation over a six week period to provide solutions to a business problem identified in consultation with the partner organisation. Projects are overseen by an appointed academic coordinator. Students are required to make a presentation and provide a written report to the client organisation, and to write a self reflection essay analysing their experiences and making recommendations for the effective management of consulting teams. Students are assessed on the extent to which they are able to apply theory to practice in solving a business problem and to engage in critical self reflection. Enrolment is strictly subject to availability and with departmental permission only.

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This unit of study is industry based and has no class requirements.


learning contract (0%), reflective journal (35%), presentation (35%), and research report (30%)

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Note: This unit is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Management (CEMS) or incoming CEMS MIM exchange students.

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