Literature Searching (CEPI5102)


Students will learn how to formulate a searchable question; the pros and cons of different information sources; how to structure an electronic database search; important fields in MEDLINE; useful practical tips for searching MEDLINE; methodological filters, journal citation reports, bibliometrics, and how to organise and manage references. The assignment requires students to demonstrate their search skills for clinical problems (marks allocated for how many relevant articles found, the content terms used, the methodological terms used, and the databases searched) and to demonstrate skills in the use of information tracking interfaces and Endnote.

Further unit of study information


students will work through six online modules over 12 weeks


completion of online quizzes (20%), and 1x 2000word assignment (80%)


Online readings and other learning resources will be provided

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Additional Information

From 2017, CEPI5102 is no longer a core unit in the Clinical Epidemiology program. It will only be available to the pre-2017 cohort of Clinical Epidemiology students in order for them to complete the core requirements of their degree. Alternatively, all pre-2017 students will be offered the option to transfer to the revised (2017 onwards) coursework resolutions so that they do not have to complete the core CEPI5102 requirement, but they are under no obligation to do so.

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