Quality and Safety in Health Care (CEPI5200)


The unit has four major content areas delivered as modules covering:- An understanding Q&S in Healthcare; Professional and ethical practice; Understanding systems and the effect of complexity on patient care; Improving Healthcare. At the end of the unit students will: understand the background to quality and safety in health care, from Australian and international perspectives; understand the nature of health care error including the methods of error detection and monitoring, and quality indicators; understand the role of good communication and other professional responsibilities in quality and safety in healthcare; have developed an understanding of clinical governance, accountability and systems management; have considered methods for improving healthcare such as getting research into practice, clinical practice guidelines and clinical practice improvement. This unit consists of online discussions and activities based around key provided readings and other resources.

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offered online


online participation (20%); 3x1000 word assignments and 1x1500 word assignment (80%)


Online readings and other learning resources will be provided.

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clinical experience strongly recommended

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