Advanced Systematic Reviews (CEPI5204)


The aim of this unit is to critically appraise and apply, at an advanced level, the best evidence on systematic reviews. This unit extends beyond the 'Introduction to Systematic Reviews' unit by exploring in-depth important issues around systematic reviews. At the end of the unit, students should be able to understand the advantages of individual participant data meta-analyses; critically appraise a review of observational studies; understand differences in systematic review of observational studies compared with randomized trials; understand the potential pitfalls of meta-regression; perform and interpret a sub-group and meta-regression analysis; analyse continuous data and understand the methods by which missing data can be imputed; and understand the common problems in meta-analysis of continuous data. The seminar sessions are interactive and based on discussion of reading material. Two sessions are based in the computer lab.

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(face to face) 1x2hr seminar/week for 6 weeks


critical appraisal assignment (50%), data analysis assignment (50%)


Course notes are provided.

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CEPI5203 or CEPI5314 or CEPI5315

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