Translating Research Into Practice (CEPI5305)


Generally speaking, implementation of research evidence into clinical practice is slow and incomplete. For instance, about 30% of patients do not receive treatment of proven effectiveness, while 20% receive treatments which are unnecessary or potentially harmful. This unit of study aims to help you translate research findings into clinical practice in your workplace. Before the first workshop, you will be asked to identify an evidence-practice gap in your area of clinical practice. In the workshop we will provide you with a theoretical framework for implementing change in clinical practice, and work through barriers to, and enablers for change. We will then review effective strategies for change implementation, and look at some real life examples. We will discuss methods for measuring the effectiveness of change implementation, and for identifying problems during implementation. By the end of this unit of study, you will be able to plan and carry out a knowledge implementation project.
NB. Students enrolled in this unit of study should have had some work experience in the health care setting.

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Block mode (2x 1day)


class presentations (15%) and 1x essay (85%)


Grol R, Wensing M, Eccles M. Improving patient care: the implementation of change in clinical practice. Elsevier, Edinburgh 2005.

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(CEPI5100 or PUBH5010) and PUBH5018

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