Clinical Epidemiology Project 2 (CEPI5506)


The aim of this unit is to conduct a clinical epidemiology project and write a report on the project in the form of a paper suitable for publication. The project will involve: refining the project proposal; data collection; data analysis; and produce a report suitable for publication. At the end of the unit, the student will be proficient in conducting and writing a report of a clinical epidemiology project. The report should be suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal. This project unit is a capstone unit and student driven. It is the responsibility of the student to identify a suitable project, in consultation with a local clinical supervisor and the unit coordinator, based upon area of interest to the student and local capacity to provide support to the student. Feasibiility is a critical criteria for selection of the topic given the tight time frame. Supervision is flexible but will include face to face meetings, email and telephone support. A minimum of two meetings are required, to be organised by the student, coinciding with the development of the project, a draft proposal and a near-final proposal, one at the beginning and one at the end of semester.

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student project under supervision, and two half-day workshops


One 4000 word assignment (100%)


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(CEPI5100 or PUBH5010) and PUBH5018


CEPI5300 or CEPI5505

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