Fundamentals of Chemistry 1A (CHEM1001)


The aim of the unit of study is to provide those students whose chemical background is weak (or non-existent) with a good grounding in fundamental chemical principles together with an overview of the relevance of chemistry. There is no prerequisite or assumed knowledge for entry to this unit of study. Lectures: A series of 39 lectures, three per week throughout the semester.

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Three 1 hour lectures and one 1 hour tutorial per week; one 3 hour practical per week for 9 weeks.


Theory examination (60%), laboratory work (15%), online assignments (10%) and continuous assessment quizzes (15%)


A booklist is available from the First Year Chemistry website.

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CHEM1101 or CHEM1901 or CHEM1903 or CHEM1905 or CHEM1906 or CHEM1909 or CHEM1109

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