Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy SSP (CHEM2915)


The lectures for this unit comprise the lectures for CHEM2401 and the Advanced practical program together with additional SSP seminars.

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Three 1-hour lectures per week, twelve 1-hour SSP seminars per semester, eight 4-hour practicals per semester


Quizzes, assignments, lab reports and final examination (100%)



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(6 credit points of Junior Mathematics) and (Distinction average in (CHEM1101 or CHEM1901 or CHEM1903)) and (Distinction average in (CHEM1102 or CHEM1902 or CHEM1904))


CHEM2001 or CHEM2101 or CHEM2301 or CHEM2311 or CHEM2312 or CHEM2401 or CHEM2502 or CHEM2901 or CHEM2903 or CHEM2911

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The number of places in this unit of study is strictly limited and entry is by invitation only. Enrolment is conditional upon available places.

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