Molecular Spectroscopy and Quantum Theory (CHEM3117)


This course will cover the fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy as a modern research tool and as a theoretical basis with which to understand everyday phenomena. This course is aimed at the student wishing a rigorous understanding of the fabric of nature -- electronic structure -- and the interaction between light and matter. The course teaches the quantum theory needed to understand spectroscopic phenomena (such as the absorption of light) at the empirical and deeper levels. A student completing this course will take with him/her an understanding of spectroscopy as both a phenomenon and a research tool. The course teaches application and theory, with descriptions of applied spectroscopic techniques. Alongside the coverage of modern spectroscopy, the course provides an accessible treatment of the science behind vision, flames, solar cells and photochemical smog.

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Two 1-hour lectures per week and two 4-hour practicals per week for half of semester.


Assignment, prac reports and oral, final examination (100%)



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(CHEM2401 or CHEM2911 or CHEM2915) and (CHEM2402 or CHEM2912 or CHEM2916)



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