Biomolecules: Properties and Reactions Adv (CHEM3910)


DNA, proteins and carbohydrates represent three classes of essential biomolecules present in all biological systems. This unit will cover the structure, reactivity and properties of biomolecules and the building blocks from which these molecules are assembled. Interactions between biomolecules and metal ions, small molecules and other biomolecules will be covered and the chemical tools for studying biomolecules highlighted. The design and synthesis of small molecules which mimic the functions of biomolecules will also be illustrated. CHEM3910 students attend the same lectures as CHEM3110 students but attend an additional advanced seminar series comprising one lecture a week for 12 weeks.

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Two 1-hour lectures per week, one 1-hour seminar per week, and two 4-hour practicals per week for half of semester.


Assignments, prac reports and oral, final examination (100%)



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WAM of 65 or greater and (Credit or better in (CHEM2401 or CHEM2911 or CHEM2915)) and (Credit or better in (CHEM2402 or CHEM2912 or CHEM2916))



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