Applied Maths for Chemical Engineers (CHNG2802)


This unit of study consists of two main strands: statistical analysis of data and numerical (computer based) methods for solution of equation sets. By the end of the statistical analysis strand, students should be proficient at applying the basic principles of statistical analysis, and appreciate how they can be applied to a variety of engineering applications. The following statistical tools are studied: normal distribution, test statistics, confidence intervals for the population mean, t-distribution, hypothesis testing, data fitting, uncertainty analysis, propagation of random errors and analysis of variance. The numerical methods strand will see students become proficient at: solution of single and multivariable algebraic equations; Numerical Integration and Differentiation, solution of nonlinear differential equations; use of Excel and Matlab for data manipulation and equation solving; use of commercial flowsheeting software (Hysys) for solving engineering problems. This unit of study runs concurrently with another enabling technology unit of study, CHNG2801. These two units together will provide students with the tools and know-how to tackle the real-life engineering problems encountered in the concurrent project-based unit of study, CHNG2803. This integrated course structure is designed to help students become familiar with the multi-disciplinary nature of chemical engineering today.

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