Exchange Program 3A (CHNG3041)


Year 3 elective unit of study for the degree in Chemical Engineering. Objectives/Outcomes: The objective of this (single semester) Exchange Program is to provide students with the opportunity to live and learn in a foreign culture while completing the academic and professional requirements of the University of Sydney degree program. Upon completion of the full year-long exchange (i.e. both CHNG3041 and CHNG3042), students will have completed work at least equivalent to Year 3 in the Chemical Engineering degree, including in particular all Year 3 core units of study.

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Unit of study rules


96 credit points in Chemical Engineering stream

Additional Information

Department permission required. Enrolment requires completion of all Year 1 and 2 core units of study in Chemical Engineering, and at least 96 credit points towards the degree plus Head of School approval from Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Sydney and the host institution.

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