Process Design (CHNG3801)


This unit of study consists of two strands: (1) vapour-liquid equilibrium and distillation and (2) heat transfer and heat exchangers. The central aim is to show how these unit operations interact in the design and operation of process equipment. The first strand focuses on the following; numerical methods for predicting vapour-liquid equilibrium; binary and multi-component distillation; deviations from ideal behaviour. The second strand of this unit of study focuses on the understanding of the differences between various conventional heat exchanger types and their strengths and weaknesses. Students will understand and be able to design a range of conventional heat exchangers using a systematic approach, and will focus on design and heat transfer calculations. The two strands make extensive use of computer software: Excel and Matlab for data manipulation and equation solving; commercial flowsheeting software (Hysys) for solving engineering design problems. This unit of study runs concurrently with another enabling technology unit of study CHNG3802. These two units together provide students with the tools and know-how to tackle real-life engineering problems encountered in the concurrent project-based unit of study, CHNG3803. This integrated course structure is designed to help students become familiar with the multi-disciplinary nature of chemical engineering today.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (40%) and Final Exam (60%)


Seader, Henley, Roper/Separation Process Principles//

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CHNG2801; CHNG2802; CHNG2803; CHNG2804; CHNG2805; CHNG2806

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Enrolment in this unit of study assumes that all (six) core chemical engineering UoS in second year have been successfully completed.


CHNG3803, CHNG3802

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