Chemical Engineering Design A (CHNG4802)


In the overall design process, chemical engineers must clearly understand the (often complex) interactions and trade-offs that occur between technical, economic, social and environmental considerations. This units of study builds on concepts in each of these areas introduced in previous years but with an emphasis on their successful integration within a comprehensive design activity. This design activity is spread over two unit of study (Chemical Engineering Design A and B) run in first and second semester. The primary aim in the first unit of study is to consider the technical issues- with an emphasis on creating and evaluating a range of alternative options that exist at both the unit operation and complete flowsheet levels. The primary emphasis in the subsequent unit of study is on evaluating how non-technical considerations affect the final process design and its operation.
By the end of both units of study a student should be able to develop a wide range of alternative conceptual designs for a given product specification and market analysis, have an appreciation of how to evaluate process alternatives at the conceptual level with a view to creating a 'short-list' worthy of more detailed technical investigation, be familiar with the use of process flowsheeting software to compare alternative designs , appreciate the fact that technical considerations are only one component in an overall successful design project and be able to clearly present the results from both individual and group work in oral/written formats. This unit of study is part of an integrated (two semester) fourth year program in chemical engineering design whose overarching aim is to complete the 'vertical integration' of knowledge- one of the pillars on which this degree program is based.

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CHNG3801,CHNG3802, CHNG3803, CHNG3805, CHNG3806, CHNG3807

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CHNG3801 AND CHNG3802 AND CHNG3803 AND CHNG3805 AND CHNG3806 AND CHNG3807. Enrolment in this unit of study assumes that all (six) core chemical engineering unit of study in third year have been successfully completed



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