Thesis B (CHNG4812)


The ability to plan, systematically conduct and report on a major research project is an important skill for professional engineers. This unit of study builds on technical competencies introduced in previous years, as well as making use of the report writing and communications skills the students have developed. The research activity is spread over two units (Honours Thesis A and B) run in first and second semester. In this unit of study, the primary emphasis is on the execution of a comprehensive and systemic series of investigations, and the reporting of the study in a major thesis document and an oral presentation. Students will acquire skills in developing a plan for a series of studies to illuminate an area of research, in evaluating alternatives at the conceptual level with a view to creating a `short-list` worthy of more detailed technical investigation, and in searching the literature for guidance of the studies. Further, communication skills will be developed, such as the ability to clearly present the background and results in a written format and in an oral presentation to a general engineering audience. This UoS is part of an integrated (two semester) fourth year program involving a chemical engineering research project and thesis. It has the overarching aim of completing the `vertical integration` of knowledge - one of the pillars on which this degree program is based. Students who have successfully completed CHNG4203 Major Industrial Project may apply for exemption from this unit of study and replace it with an advanced level chemical engineering elective unit of study.Students are expected to take the initiative when pursuing their research projects. The supervisor will be available for discussion - typically 1 hour per week.

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Meeting 1 hr/week; Project Work - own time 5 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)

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CHNG3801 AND CHNG3802 AND CHNG3803 AND CHNG3805 AND CHNG3806 AND CHNG3807. Enrolment in this unit of study assumes that Honours Thesis A and all (six) core chemical engineering units of study in third year have been successfully completed


CHNG4813 or CHNG4814



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This unit is available to only those students who have gained an entry to the Honours degree. School permission required for enrolment in the semester 1.

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