Wastewater Engineering (CHNG5005)


This unit of study aims to acquaint students with the application of chemical engineering concepts and practice to the important example of wastewater treatment; with a focus on sewage treatment. The key issues that will be considered are: Wastewater creation and characterisation; Wastewater treatment and disposal costs; Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment options; High-rate anaerobic and aerobic treatment options; Sludge/solids management and water recovery/ reuse options; Process integration and simulation considerations. By the end of this unit, a student should have gained an engineering-based appreciation of the technical, economic and social challenges posed by wastewater generation and its cost-effective treatment. This unit is an elective in chemical engineering. The concepts and enabling technologies taught here are relevant to the real-world practice of chemical engineering across a broad range of industries.

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Lectures, Tutorials, Group assignment, Site Visits


Through semester assessment (70%) and Final Exam (30%)

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Ability to conduct mass and energy balances, and the integration of these concepts to solve 'real' chemical engineering problems. Ability to understand basic principles of physical chemistry, physics and mechanics. Ability to use basic calculus and linear algebra, and carry out such computations using Matlab and MS Excel. Ability to read widely outside of the technical literature and to synthesise arguments based on such literature. Ability to write coherent reports and essays based on information from diverse sources.

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