Capstone Project A (CHNG5020)


The ability to plan, systematically conduct and report on a major research project is an important skill for professional engineers. This unit of study builds on technical competencies introduced in previous years, as well as making use of the report writing and communications skills the students have developed. The research activity is spread over two units (Minimum 12 A and B) run over two semesters. In this unit of study, students are required to plan and begin work on a major research project, which is very often some aspect of a staff member`s research interests. Some of the projects will be experimental in nature, while others may involve computer-based simulation, design or literature surveys. In this unit, students will learn how to examine published and experimental data, set objectives, organize a program of work and devise an experimental or developmental program. The progress at the end of Thesis A will be evaluated based on a seminar presentation and a progress report. The skills acquired will be invaluable to students undertaking engineering work.Students are expected to take the initiative when pursuing their research projects. The supervisor will be available for discussion - typically 1 hour per week.

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Meeting 1 hr/week; Project Work - own time 5 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)

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96 cp from MPE degree program or 24 cp from the ME program (including any credit for previous study), 96 cp from MPE degree program or 24 cp from the ME program (including any credit for previous study)

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(CHNG9301 OR CHNG5801) AND (CHNG9302 OR CHNG5802) AND (CHNG9303 OR CHNG5803) AND (CHNG9305 OR CHNG5805) AND (CHNG9306 OR CHNG5806).

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School permission required for enrolment in semester 2.

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