Capstone Project B Extended (CHNG5022)


The purpose of this proposal is to introduce a new subject into the Master of Professional Engineering with specialisation in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The new subject is designed to equip students with practical experience in the area of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Industrial project placement will clearly cover and widen the practical nature of curriculum base studies.
This unit of study will give students a rich experience for undertaking a major project in an industrial environment and developing skills in the preparation and presentation of technical reports. The project is performed under industry supervision supported by School staff and extends over one semester. The students will be engaged full time on the project at the industrial site. Students will be placed with industries, such as mining, oil and gas processing, plastic and paint manufacturing, food production, wastewater and water treatment. The students will learn essential engineering skills, such as how to examine published and experimental data, set objectives, project management, and analysis of results and assess these with theory and existing knowledge.

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Meetings, Project Work - own time


Through semester assessment (100%)

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42 credit points in the Master of Engineering and WAM >70, or 66 credit points in the Master of Professional Engineering and WAM >70 or exemption



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Permission required for semester 1 or 2 based on achievement in Capstone Project A and taking other program requirements into consideration.

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