Found of Applied Maths for Chem Eng (CHNG5702)


Virtually every aspect of a chemical engineer`s professional life will involve some use of mathematical techniques. Not only is the modern chemical engineer expected to be proficient in the use of these techniques, they are also expected to be able to utilise computer-based solutions when analytical solutions are unfeasible. This UoS aims to expose students to an appropriate suite of techniques and enable them to become proficient in the use of mathematics as a tool for the solution of a diversity of chemical engineering problems. Specifically, this unit consists of two core modules: (A) Statistical methods and (B) Numerical methods. These modules aim at furthering knowledge by extending skills in statistical analysis and Chemical Engineering computations. This unit will also enable the development of a systematic approach to solving mathematically oriented Chemical Engineering problems, which will help with making sound engineering decisions. In addition, there will be considerable time spent during the semester on advanced topics related to mathematical analysis techniques in engineering and recent associated developments.

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2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of tutorials per week.


Through semester assessment (100%)

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Assumed knowledge: CHEM1101 AND CHEM1102 AND CHNG1103 AND MATH1001 AND MATH1002 AND MATH1003 AND MATH1005. Enrolment in this unit of study assumes that all core science and engineering UoS in first-year (or their equivalent) have been successfully complet



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