Found of Chem & Biological Processes (CHNG5803)


This is a project based unit of study where students will work in small teams through three project-driven case studies covering a range of design scenarios, from the domain of chemical and biological processes. This course runs in parallel with CHNG5801 and CHNG5802, and the projects allow the students to demonstrate their kowledge of process modelling, the design of rate and equilibrium processes, the control of chemical processes and the practical and commercial aspects of design. Projects include designing equipment such as fermenters, reactors, distillation columns and heat exchangers, determining the optimal operating conditions for individual items of equipment, estimating the operating costs of processes, designing small flowsheets and designing simple control systems. By the end of this unit students will be proficient in estimating the feasibility of processes, desigining individual items of equipment and designing small flowsheets.

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4 hours of in-class project work per week.


Through semester assessment (50%), Final Exam (50%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

CHNG5701, CHNG5702, CHNG5704 and CHNG5705

Assumed knowledge: CHNG5701 AND CHNG5702 AND CHNG5704 AND CHNG5705. Ability to conduct mass and energy balances, and the integration of these concepts to solve real chemical engineering problems Ability to understand basic principles of physical chemistry



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