Engineering Construction and Surveying (CIVL2810)


The objectives of this unit are to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of engineering construction including

- design, control, management, measurement and construction methods for excavation, embankments and other earthworks, hauling and associated operations.
- building construction fundamentals, including reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber.
- drilling and blasting
Engineering Survey topics aim (a) to provide basic analogue methods of distance, angle and height measurement and (b) to provide an understanding of three dimensional mapping using basic total station electronic field equipment with associated data capture ability and (c) to give an insight into future trends in the use of GPS and GIS systems.
At the end of this unit, students should develop basic competency in earthwork engineering and economic optimisation of related construction, including proposing and analysing systems and methods, estimation of probable output, unit cost and productivity evaluation. Students should have a basic knowledge of vertical construction in reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber. Students should also develop proficiency in the design and implementation of mapping systems in Civil Engineering, using analogue and electronic field equipment and associated software packages.
The syllabus comprises introduction to the framework under which construction projects are formulated and analysed; construction engineering fundamentals; construction systems related to excavation, hauling and embankment construction, including selection and evaluation of plant and methods as well as the expected output and cost; introduction to construction operations management. Introduction to engineering surveying, distance measurement, angle measurement, levelling, traversing, topographic surveys, electronic surveying equipment, future surveying technologies.

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Tutorial 2 hrs/week; Workgroup 3 hrs/week; Lecture 3 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (40%) Final Exam (60%)

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MATH1001, MATH1002, MATH1003, MATH1005

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