Structural Analysis (CIVL3235)


The objectives of this unit are to provide an understanding of the principles of structural analysis by introducing the strain-displacement, stress-strain and equilibrium relationships for beam members; applying the relationships to the matrix displacement analysis of frame structures; and using computer software to conduct the linear-elastic and buckling analyses of frame structures.At the end of this unit, students will be able to deduce appropriate structural models for frame structures; and use computer methods and simple hand methods to obtain internal forces and displacements as well as buckling loads for frame structures. The syllabus comprises theoretical background (strain-displacement, stress-strain and equilibrium relationships), structural analysis software, matrix displacement method, beam theory, introduction to nonlinear analysis, buckling analysis.

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Lecture 4 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (60%) and Final Exam (40%)


Gianluca Ranzi & Raymond Ian Gilbert/Structural Analysis: Principles, Methods and Modelling/2015//

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

CIVL2110, CIVL2230 and MATH2061

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