Project Formulation (CIVL4815)


The objective of this unit is, through the integration of areas of project management knowledge, to develop students' ability to develop project proposals through carrying out a feasibility study and developing a project definition plan for a real-life engineering project. This unit is relevant for students who intend to pursue a career related to project management. At the end of this unit, students should have developed understanding of the fundamentals of project conceptualisation, appraisal and planning plus the abilities to: model and analyse basic financing and cash flow requirements; develop risk management plan, marketing and sales plan, stakeholder management and communication plan, operations plan; and design professional documentation and presentation to a board of review. In addition, this unit also develops students' abilities in problem solving, working with other students, conducting independent research, communication in team environment, information need identification and collection, and understanding social and environmental issues. The syllabus comprises feasibility study, project appraisal, risk assessment and management, sensitivity analysis, project planning, project integration management, carbon-trading scheme, global warming, environmental impact assessment, investment capital, venture capital, due diligence, project planning, operational planning, revenue projection, community consultation, communication management, stakeholder management, political environment.

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CIVL3805 AND (CIVL3812 OR CIVL2812)

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