Steel Structures - Advanced Design (CIVL5267)


This Unit covers the advanced principles of the design of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel structural members and connections. Reference is made to the Australian Standards AS4100 and AS/NZS4600 as well as international standards, explaining the underlying theory for the provisions of these standards. The objectives are to provide students with advanced knowledge of steel structural design and confidence to apply the underlying principles to solve a wide range of structural steel problems.
This Unit will provide students with the following knowledge and skills:
- An understanding of the basic principles of reliability based design on steel structures.
- An understanding of the relationship between structural analysis and design provisions.
- An understanding of the background to the design provisions for hot-rolled and cold-formed steel structures, including the main differences between them.
- Proficiency in applying the provisions of AS4100, AS/NZS4600, AISC-LRFD, BS5950 and GB50017 for columns, beams, beam-columns and connections.
Syllabus Summary:
Limit states design philosophy and approaches, Loading standards, Methods of analysis, Flexural members section and member capacity, Compression members section and member capacity, Beam-column member and section capacity, Interrelationship between analysis and design, pinned (shear) and rigid (moment) connections.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Tutorial 1 hr/week.


Through semester assessment (50%) Final Exam (50%)

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