Geoenvironmental Engineering (CIVL5351)


Objectives: To develop an understanding of the geotechnical aspects of the design and management of industrial and domestic waste disposal systems.
Learning Outcomes: 1. Analyse flow regime in soil using Darcy equation; 2. Analyse contaminant migration in soil using coupled flow and reactive diffusion advection equations; 3. Design a single or double composite landfill liner satisfying groundwater quality requirements; 4. Predict the potential for methane production in a landfill and assess the feasibility of waste-to-energy conversion; 5. Conduct research on a geoenvironmental topic as part for group.
Syllabus Summary: introduction to geoenvironmental engineering; integrated waste management and life cycle assessment; soil composition and mineralogy; types and characteristics of contaminants; theory of water seepage in soil and hydraulic conductivity; theory of reactive contaminant transport in soil including molecular diffusion, mechanical dispersion and advective flow; analytical and numerical solutions of reactive diffusion advection equation; design of landfills; geosynthetics and geomembranes; defects and leakage rates; methane generation in landfills and landfill gas management.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (100%)


Rowe, R.K., Quigley, R.M. Richard Brachman and Booker, J.R./Clayey barrier systems for waste disposal facilities/2nd Edition/2004// Hari D. Sharma and Krishna R. Reddy./Geoenvironmental Engineering: Site Remediation, Waste Containment, And Emerging Waste Management Technologies/2004//

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