Reservoir Stream and Coastal Eng (CIVL5670)


The objectives of this Unit of Study are to develop an understanding of the processes occurring in lakes, reservoirs, streams and coastal seas, and an introduction to transport and mixing in inland waters, and to the design the design of marine structures. The unit will cover the mass and heat budget in stored water bodies, mixing, and the implications for water quality. In streams, simple transport models will be introduced, and simple models for dissolved oxygen transport discussed. The basic equations for linear and non linear wave theories in coastal seas will be introduced, and wave forces on structures and an introduction to design of offshore structures will be discussed.
(Students who have previously studied CIVL3613 will only be permitted to enrol in this unit by approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.)

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Lectures 2 hrs/week; Tutorials 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (40%) and Final Exam (60%)

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CIVL3612 and MATH2061.

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