Legal Regulation of Int'l Business (CLAW2213)


The global architecture of international trade and business sets the parameters within which countries and businesses interact with each other across borders. All those involved in trade or investment activities that may result in cross border transactions should be aware of the regulatory dimensions of that global system. The system informs trade and investment policy as well as the regulation of particular business transactions. This can lead to new markets or limit certain business activities. It can result in new regulation and laws and provides avenues to resolve disputes between countries and businesses and between businesses and businesses. The international regulatory system has different dimensions. These can be described as the multilateral system; bilateral agreements and trading blocs; conventions governing transactions; international regulatory bodies and self regulatory bodies. This unit will introduce students to aspects of this international system. Students will explore institutions and instruments of the system and how they fit together. There will be opportunities for students to examine how this impacts on regulatory policy and current negotiations.

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