Writing Music for the Moving Image (CMPN3635)


This unit provides a practical introduction to composing music for the screen.
Topics for discussion will include, but not be limited to: the relationship between image and sound, music as a force in dramatic narrative, important scores in cinema history, sound design, music for documentary film and drama, music for games, and non-commercial applications of music for image. Importantly, the course will focus on the practical aspects of film scoring relevant to establishing professional practice; both at a business level and at a technical level. Students in this unit of study must be fluent in sequencing and/or recording and/or music notation software.

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6 x 1 hour lectures for the first six weeks; 6 x 2 hour tutorials thereafter


Written paper (20%), Presentation (30%), Final Music (50%)

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MUED1002 or MUSC2653 or MUED4002

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