Distributed Systems and Network Principles (COMP2121)


The unit will provide a broad introduction to the principles of distributed systems and their design; provide students the fundamental knowledge required to analyse and construct various types of distributed systems; explain the common architectural principles and approaches used in the design of networks at different scales (e.g. shared medium access and routing); introduce the programming skills required for developing distributed applications, and will cover the use of Java class libraries and APIs; cover common approaches and techniques in distributed resource management (e.g. task scheduling).

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Through semester assessment (50%) and Final Exam (50%)

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(INFO1103 or INFO1903) and (INFO1105 or INFO1905)

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Introductory Java programming unit, Data Structures, Algorithms


(COMP2007 OR COMP2907)

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The unit will provide the introductory platform for students interested in more advanced units in the area of distributed systems and networks, such as ELEC3506 (Data Communications and the Internet), COMP5116 (Internet Protocols), COMP5416 (Advanced Network Technologies), and COMP5426 (Parallel and Distributed Computing).

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