Large Scale Networks (COMP5313)


The growing connectedness of modern society translates into simplifying global communication and accelerating spread of news, information and epidemics. The focus of this unit is on the key concepts to address the challenges induced by the recent scale shift of complex networks. In particular, the course will present how scalable solutions exploiting graph theory, sociology, game theory and probability tackle the problems of communicating (routing, diffusing, aggregating) in dynamic and social networks.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Tutorial 1 hr/week.


Through semester assessment (60%) and Final Exam (40%)


D. Easly and J. Kleinberg/Networks, Crowds and Markets - Reasoning about a Highly Connected World/2010/978-0-521-19533-1//

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Algorithmic skills (as expected from any IT graduate). Basic probability knowledge.

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