Web Application Development (COMP5347)


This unit will focus on technological advances supporting the development of e-commerce applications and systems. This includes client and server side development of e-commerce applications. AJAX is the core client side technology covered in this course. Both server scripting and server page technology are covered as key server side technology. It will also examine the emerging trend of web services and its role in E-commerce systems. This unit aims at providing both conceptual understanding and hand-on experiences for the technologies covered.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; Laboratory 1 hr/week; Project Work - own time 3 hrs/week; Independent Study,


Through semester assessment (40%) and Final Exam (60%)


Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates/Head First Servlet & JSP/2nd/2008// Leon Shklar and Rich Rosen/Web Application Architecture/2nd/2009//

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Assumed knowledge

INFO9220 or COMP5028. The course assumes basic knowledge on OO design and UML diagrams.

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