Introduction to Bioinformatics (COMP5456)


This unit brings together a wide range of skills that are routinely practised in bioinformatics, from the 'hard' subjects of mathematics, statistics and computer science, to the 'soft' subjects in the biological / health sciences and pharmacology. The unit covers the essentials of bioinformatics data gathering, manipulation, mining and storage that underpin bioinformatics research. It further provides additional practice in the graduate attributes of Research and Inquiry, Information Literacy and Communication through analysis of scientific research, use of large bioinformatics data sets, and writing of reports.

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Lectures, Laboratory


Through semester assessment (30%) and Final Exam (70%)

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Assumed knowledge

Some experience with basic programming (coding) in Java, C, C++ or Perl; Some proven ability in mathematical or information sciences (as evinced in the prerequisites);Some knowledge of molecular biology either through first year BIOL papers or MBLG1001.



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