Scientific Computing (COSC3011)


This unit of study provides a senior-level treatment of scientific problem solving using computers. Students will understand and apply a wide range of numerical schemes for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. Linear algebra is used to provide detailed insight into stability analysis, relaxation methods, and implicit integration. A variety of scientific problems are considered, including planetary motion, population demographics, heat diffusion, traffic flow and quantum mechanics. All coding is performed with MATLAB, and basic programming experience is assumed.

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Two 1-hour lectures and one 3-hour practical per week.


Assignments, lab, project work and written exam. (100%)


Garcia, AL. Numerical Methods for Physics, 2nd Edition.

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

12 credit points chosen from Junior Mathematics and Statistics, 12 credit points of Intermediate units in Science subject areas.

Programming experience in MATLAB.


PHYS3944, PHYS3044, PHYS3039, PHYS3301, COSC3911, PHYS3939, PHYS3043, PHYS3901, COSC3901, PHYS3943, COSC3001

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