Linguistics and Phonetics (CSCD1034)


Students will explore the nature of language: introduction to phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and orthographic systems, , with a clinical focus. Particular emphasis on grammar, phonetics and articulation assessment and intervention. Analysis of language for clinical purposes (especially grammar transcription and phonetic transcription skills). This unit of study prepares students with the necessary background knowledge to undertake phonology, language and clinical units later in the course.

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2x2-hr lectures/wk, weeks 1-13


Transcription exam 1 barrier task (20%), transcription exam 2 barrier task (20%), final exam (55%), 1x1hr research participation (5%)


Fromkin, V., Rodman, R., Hyams, Amberber, M., Cox, F., Thornton, R. (2015). An Introduction to Language (Australia and New Zealand 8th edition) Thomson Educational, Victoria. Hand, L (2005) Grammar Handbook available on campus; Rosenthal, J Phonetics Handbook available on campus

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Speech Pathology students must pass this unit in order to enrol in clinical units in Year 2. Students without a sound knowledge of formal traditional grammar are encouraged to undertake the Grammar bridging course in February. This unit is a prerequisite for CSCD2057 Child Language and CSCD2068 Speech Sound Disorders

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