Stuttering (CSCD2058)


Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to undertake the clinical management of children and adults who stutter, and will learn about clinically relevant theories and research findings pertaining to the management of stuttering. Students will acquire skills in identifying and counting stuttering. This unit of study prepares students to evaluate research evidence for different assessment and intervention programs in stuttering and to consider ethical and service issues related to delivering speech pathology services to culturally diverse and geographically dispered populations. The course content is as follows: Identifying, describing and categorising stuttering, basic information about stuttering, the cause of stuttering, stuttering and anxiety, measuring stuttering, evidence based practice with stuttering, treatment of children and adults, and clinical benchmark performance.

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1x3 hr lecture/week


Assignment 1 (40%), assignment 2 (20%), viva (0% barrier task), CPR certificate (0% barrier task) and final exam (40%)


Onslow, M. (2013). Stuttering and its treatment: Thirteen easy lectures. Electronic resource. Publication details to be announced. Packman, A., Onslow, M., Webber, M., Harrison, E., Lees, S., Bridgman, K., Carey, B. (2011). The Lidcombe Program of early s

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