Introductory Practice 2: Community (CSCD2067)


Students are paired to conduct observations and prescribed activities in a preschool, long day-care centre or kindergarten with children between 1 and 6 years as well as engage in professional interactions with staff. Students will acquire knowledge of the functions and routines in an early educational setting; - develop professional communication skills and confidence in working with other professionals. They will understand how language is used and targeted as a part of the curriculum in preschool settings, develop skills in carrying out language stimulation activities with preschool children, and relate observations to relevant theory and research. To support their clinical learning and prepare students for their immediate placement, this unit will consider communication and counselling skills involved with working with caregivers and adult clients, and problem solving strategies for identifying and managing ethical issues involved in working with adults and their families. This unit will also explore the role of speech pathologists in the health system and their participation in professional teams.

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1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/fortnight


pass/fail (100%); 0% barrier tasks - attend 80% of lectures, attend 100% of tutorials, complete all required clinical paperwork, and pass 3 written assignments


Preschool Handbook available from the Discipline; Competency Based Occupational Standards (CBOS), Speech Pathology Australia, Melbourne (2011) available from the Discipline

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Students must maintain the currency of their clinical compliance paperwork for the duration of the course. See the Speech Pathology Clinical Education section of the Faculty Handbook. Students must advise the Course Director before enrolling in this unit of study if they do not have a current National Police Certificate or are a prohibited person under the NSW Working with Children Act (2001). Students must hold a current CPR certificate before they can enrol in this unit. Attendance at clinic orientation is compulsory. Students must pass this unit before they can enrol in Year 3 (Intermediate) speech pathology clinical units

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