Speech Pathology Research Methods (CSCD3085)


In this unit students will learn the basic principles of designing, undertaking and analysing research in speech pathology. This will enable students to be more careful consumers (and, perhaps, producers) of research when they become clinicians and to appreciate the fundamental link between research skills and evidence-based practice. This unit will also lay the groundwork for students who might be considering a research higher degree. A variety of topics will be explored including correlational techniques, hypothesis testing and qualitative methods. Exercises and examples will relate specifically to the basic science and applied aspects of speech pathology. Students will gain experience using SPSS statistical analysis software or equivalent.

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1x2-hr lecture/week for 13 weeks, 1x1-hr computer lab/week for 7 weeks


SPSS exams (20%), research appraisal (30%) and final exam (50%)


Clinical Research methods in Speech language Pathology and Audiology (2nd Ed) (by Irwin, Pannbacker & Lass)

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This unit is a prerequisite for CSCD4051

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