Advanced Practice B: Clinical (CSCD4059)


Students manage a client caseload and participate in a variety of clinical management and service activities within the on-campus clinic. Students also participate in a clinical mentoring experience with novice/intermediate students. Students are responsible for supporting and facilitating the learning of the novice/intermediate students. They participate in supervisory conferences with their clinical educators and peers. Students are expected to demonstrate competency in professional communication skills, team work and effective time management, as well as overall client management. To be eligible to receive a pass in this unit of study, students must have satisfactorily completed their portfolios for demonstrating competency for professional association membership upon graduation.

Further unit of study information


Lectures Tuesday to Friday orientation week only, clinical - Tuesdays to Fridays minimum 12 client hours, approximately 12 prep hours, 12 weekly group supervision meetings, 12 hours for support and mentoring required/semester


Clinical competency assessment (100%) and - orientation (0% barrier task), clinical meetings (0% barrier task), other required paperwork (0% barrier task), TAM duty (0% barrier task) , and professional portfolio (0% barrier task)

Faculty/department permission required?


Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

CSCD3082 and (CSCD3083 or CSCD3084)


CSCD4052 and CSCD4060

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